urban motif is a graphic design company specializing in the invention of extraordinary brands.

we create exclusive web, print & experiential designs for people, businesses & events.

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    with five design divisions, we work with you to create your distinct brand. Each division is tailored to meet the needs of companies, special occasions, individuals or non-profits, where we create compelling visual statements celebrating what makes them distinct.

    discover your motif

    URBAN Motif Design
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    define what makes your venture remarkable. Through our Business motif division we create carefully devised visual communication materials such as logos, websites or distinctive stationery packages ... all uniquely highlighting what is quintessentially you.

    create your indelible brand

    URBAN Motif
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    make your special occasion spectacular and unforgettable. Under the Event motif division we will design a signature visual strategy for your corporate and social events, resulting in an exceptional and memorable experience for you and your guests.

    design your experience

    EVENT Motif
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    illuminate your unique identity to confidently project that image to the world. From style consultations to creating personal websites, logos and stationery, our Image motif division will help you uncover — and communicate — the real you … effortlessly.

    make your mark

    IMAGE Motif
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    do you have a penchant for doing things yourself? Our D.I.Y. motif division will help you discover your inner designer, web developer or marketer. Make your vision a reality!

    bring your vision to life

    D.I.Y. Motif
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    at urban motif design giving back to the community is a fundamental aspect of our brand motif . We developed our Karma motif division to embrace a new way of doing business by partnering with local businesses, non-profit agencies and design students.

    make a difference

    KARMA Motif


our specialty is the invention of extraordinary brands for individuals, non-profit organizations and innovative companies. We discover what makes you unique and translate that into your Brand Identity. The results? A cohesive visual strategy consisting of a logo, website and/or promotional materials.
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WHAT IS A "Motif"?

a motif is a dominant and defining characteristic. By discovering your personal or organizational motif you are uncovering the essence of what makes you unique. Your motif is the cornerstone of your Brand Identity - the colours, shapes, fonts and "look and feel" of your organization.
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we work with people who incorporate making a difference into making a living. From small business owners to corporations and non-profit agencies, our clients believe in actively contributing to their communities. The printers, hosting providers and other vendors we work with put people and our environment first.
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