1. URBAN Motif


    the story. ABOUT OUR COMPANY

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    Urban Motif Design Inc. emerged in 2007 as a boutique firm specializing in innovative graphic design solutions. It has evolved into an umbrella company housing distinct motif divisions for the branding identity needs of innovative companies, noteworthy occasions, savvy individuals, and ground-breaking non-profits.

    What we do
    Every organization and individual has distinct personality characteristics which we refer to as their "motifs". Through our "Motif Process" we reveal these unique motifs and translate our clients' vision of themselves into creative, cohesive and readily identifiable Brand Identities, including logos, websites, promotional materials and thematic events.

    Where we are located
    Our creative laboratory is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    Giving back
    We believe in doing business differently and have a business model we call Karma motif where we partner with businesses, non-profits and design students in innovative ways. We use sustainable and ethical business practices and work with vendors who also incorporate giving back into their business model. Something Special is our non-profit arm funded entirely by the profits from Urban Motif Design, and exists to provide under-priviledged children with the quality of education they deserve.

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  2. the clients


    the clients. WHO WE WORK WITH

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    Our clients are diverse. They come from different backgrounds and represent a variety of occupations, cultures and locales, however, what they have in common is that they are imaginative, inventive and many incorporate making a difference into making a living. We are proud of our ability to tailor our approach to meet each of our client's unique needs.

    Who are our clients?
    We have successfully developed professional, creative visual designs for a variety of corporations, non-profit agencies, small businesses and individuals. Please browse our portfolio.

    Our clients value thoughtful design as part of a well-integrated visual brand strategy. They want to be involved in the design process and appreciate that great design takes time and tremendous creative effort.

    Through our "Motif Process" we get to know each of our clients to ensure that the designs they receive are a true reflection of their identity. In fact, we guarantee that our clients will be satisfied and, what's more, excited by the designs we create for them.

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  3. URBAN Motif


    the inventor. Erynn Nicole

    proprietress & creative director

    As a graphic designer with over five years of industry experience, Erynn Nicole Lyster is the Proprietress and Creative Director at Urban Motif Design Inc. She holds a degree in humanities and publishing, a master's certificate in print and web design and is a member of the Graphic Designers Association of Canada.

    Erynn Nicole's motif
    Having travelled and worked around the world, Erynn Nicole has developed exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; she is adaptable, able to see many different perspectives and is a remarkably good listener. Erynn Nicole has the ability to hear the messages her clients want to relate and effectively translate them into one-of-a-kind visual communication pieces.

    Incidental details
    Born and raised in Canada, Erynn Nicole has lived in Jamaica off and on since 2004, volunteering with women's and children's organizations. She started the small non-profit organization "Something Special" to help children in low-income communities get a quality education. Something Special is entirely funded by profits made by Urban Motif Design.

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  4. URBAN Motif


    the machinist. Caroline

    web developer

    With her engineering degree and an unstoppable desire to learn, teach and stay up-to-date on the latest online trends, Caroline Bégin is the person responsible for translating Erynn Nicole's designs into working websites. She is also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriter who can write and improve web content in order to get higher search engine rankings.

    Caroline's motif
    A native French speaker who later became fluent in English, Caroline embraces new languages, whether it's Mandarin, Spanish, or computer languages like PHP and JavaScript.

    Reliable, organized and an excellent communicator, Caroline loves to offer advice and teach people how to effectively use the abundance of online tools available to make their web presence a success.

    Incidental details
    Caroline got her engineering degree with the Canadian Forces and lived in Taiwan teaching English for two years.

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  5. URBAN Motif


    the wingman. Sherlock

    best friend and pr manager

    Sherlock, our itinerant "pawblic" relations manager, is known for his propensity to greet clients with enthusiasm and delight. His uncanny ability to sniff out problems occasionally has him barking orders at the rest of us.

    Never one to be catty, Sherlock has earned his rightful place in our company by pawing his way to the front of the pack.

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