image motif is for you if you want to project your best self to the world … personally, virtually and in print.

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[im-ij] - noun
the impression of a person that is perceived by others, conveyed in their personal style and manner of communication.

With a unique take on personal branding, Image motif illuminates your distinct identity through a process designed to uncover your personal style and empower you to confidently project your desired image to the outside world.

You want to exude confidence, set yourself apart, and convey your individuality. We help you discover and project your distinctive style – from the inside out.

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The Experience

We have created an exclusive method that delves into all the elements that make you unique. We translate the results into a personalized style, website, logo, tagline and stationery package that reflects your exclusive Image motif.

We Create

Identity Design
(logo, stationery, business cards)

Personal statements/tag lines
Image Consultations

Our Packages

We have packages for your personal branding needs.

Image Motif Packages

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Image Motif is a collaboration between Urban Motif Design and Sue Jacques, The Civility CEO.