karma motif is a unique initiative partnering local businesses, non-profit agencies and design students.

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karma motif. Make a difference.

[kahr-muh] - noun
the force generated by a person's actions.

Giving back is a huge component of our brand. Our Karma motif programme embraces a new way of doing business that facilitates businesses contributing to the cost of design projects for non-profit agencies. These projects are created by local design students, giving them valuable work experience.

How does it work? In order to provide charities with design work at a discounted rate, we enlist the help of local design students who are selected based on their qualifications and experience. Under our supervision the students take on the charity's design project, participating fully in all aspects of the process while being paid fairly for the work they create. For-profit companies get involved by donating the cost of the design work for the charities we are working with; in exchange they are given a charitable tax receipt or a 15% discount on a future Urban Motif Design project.

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The results? Great design, a great experience, and the enrichment our communities.
See below for how everyone benefits ...

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karmic benefits

  • 50% discount on student-created design supervised by professionals
  • help design students gain experience
  • network & partner with businesses

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karmic benefits

  • gain experience working with real clients & design professionals
  • get paid fairly for your work
  • see how the design process works with a professional studio

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karmic benefits

  • charitable tax receipt or 15% discount on our design services
  • support local charities & students
  • acknowledgment of sponsorship on the charity's & our website

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