1. URBAN Motif


    what we do. OUR SERVICES

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    We offer design services devised to equip you with the visual tools required for the success of your business, event, or for you as an individual. With five distinct design divisions you can explore which option best meets your visual communication needs. All our services begin with a fun, interactive session we call the "Motif Process".

    business motif.

    Indelible brand identities.

    • Identity design
      (logo, stationery, business cards)
    • Web design
    • Promotional materials
      (print & electronic)
    • E-marketing

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    event motif.

    Creating noteworthy occasions.

    • Invitations (print & electronic)
    • Monograms/Logos
    • Websites
    • Print Materials
      (programmes, menus, posters)
    • Event styling & set-up

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    image motif.

    Personal brand stylists.

    • Identity design
      (logo, stationery, business cards)
    • Personal statements/tag lines
    • Websites
    • Photoshoots
    • Image consultations

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    d.i.y. motif.

    Do it yourself.

    • Logos
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Branding & marketing plans

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    karma motif.

    Make a difference.

    • This programme can be applied to work done in any of our motif divisions
    • Charities receive design services donated by businesses and created by students
    • Businesses receive 15% off design services or a charitable receipt
    • Design students receive valuable real-world experience - and get paid!

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  2. URBAN Motif


    how we do it. THE motif PROCESS

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    We specialize in creating unique Brand Identities that emerge from our carefully devised Motif Process. This process is tailored to discovering your, or your organization's, unique personality ... what we refer to as your "Motif". It starts with a fun, interactive session where we learn all about you, and ends with us bringing your vision to life through carefully crafted visual communication pieces.


    To discover your Motif, we learn about you through a fun, interactive session.

    We identify your unique Motif and translate it into an identifiable visual element.

    We bring your Motif to life by weaving it throughout your Brand Identity.

    Confidently launch your new Brand Identity, website, event or product.

    As we can only best represent you if we get to know you, we love when clients get super involved in the process. Good design conveying an easily identifiable message is priceless in a well-integrated business strategy, and we take the design process seriously. Our work takes time, attention to detail, and research and we are committed to doing our best for each and every client. This is one of those few times it is going to be all about you, so enjoy it!